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Anger after National Gallery bosses sack PCS union rep Candy Udwin

Anger after National Gallery bosses sack PCS union rep Candy Udwin

Bosses at the National Gallery in central London have sacked leading PCS union activist Candy Udwin. This is a major attack on a high-profile trade unionist and a serious assault on union rights.

Architects of Labour's right turn battle it out for the leadership

Labour and the union leaders seem determined not to learn the lessons of defeat, writes Simon Basketter

Don't despair at more cuts - defy the scum

The vibrant protests and mass meetings against the Tories during the last week should inspire us all.

As Ukip's turmoil grows - stop the racists

Anti-racists everywhere will be delighted to see the racist party Ukip in turmoil. First its leader Nigel Farage had a very public spat with his only remaining MP Douglas Carswell. 


Imperial boundaries are being redefined in South East Asia

China’s ability to exert its influence in neighbouring countries shows the limitations of US imperialism, writes Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Open letter from South Africa - release the report into the Marikana massacre

This is an edited version of an open letter from activists asking why the results of the inquiry into the massacre have not yet been made public

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