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Reality of Tory Britain: ‘I can't afford to eat"

Benefits cuts leave Angela on just £1 a day and relying on food bank. Yet the right wing press has launched a vicious attack on food banks after it emerged last week more than one million people in Britain rely on them because of low wages and benefit cuts

As billboards spout lies about immigrants - stand up to Ukip’s racist scapegoating

Giant billboards spouting racist lies about immigrant workers will be appearing around Britain this week. Ukip is responsible for the ads—and it is on the offensive. Ukip sees the polls rising in its favour and is confident of making gains with by constantly bashing migrant workers. 

Panic over ‘Islamists’ in Birmingham schools is blatant racism

A wave of Islamophobic panic has followed claims that “Islamists” are plotting to take over Birmingham schools. Includes link to petition to stop the racist witch hunt in Birmingham schools

40 years since Portugal's 'Carnation Revolution'

40 years after the Carnation Revolution, Sadie Robinson looks at a struggle that put workers’ power on the agenda

Victory to the Tube strikers

London Underground workers plan five days of strikes over cuts to jobs, ticket offices and safety.


Vote left where you can, Labour where you must—and prepare to fight after the election

Who should we vote for in the European elections on 22 May? It’s not the most crucial question workers face, but it needs an answer writes Charlie Kimber

Neither SNP nor Labour offer solutions to poverty in Scotland

There have been few demands in the independence debate for far-reaching wealth redistribution. Class divisions are being overlooked in competing claims to “Scottishness” and other supposedly national characteristics. 

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